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Naughty Fruit Gourmet Collection

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Our delicious holiday assortment of Teton Valley's finest treats begins with our very own Naughty Fruit Mix medley and our crowd-favorite Pineapple bag. Teton Valley wildflower Raw Honey, Black Bear Family Farms unique Strawberry Jalapeño and Raspberry Holiday Jams and Jellies, Winter Winds Farm delicious "Tomme" cheese, Chocolate "Petite Secret" Grand Tetons, A delicious Mango Coconut bar from our friends at Kate's Real Food(organic). All hand wrapped and topped off with a hard written "Thank you note" by our wonderful friend Helen from HELENSEAYART.COM. Naughty Fruit handpicked this collection and every piece was hand-crafted with love in every bite from our neighbors and good friends at the base of the Tetons.

shipping on the 1st and 2nd week of December for freshness, unless instructed otherwise.