Pineapple Dried Fruit Bio-Bags

Pineapple Package

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We are offering a 'Buy One, Give One' deal. For every Naughty Fruit Pineapple Package(#25 Bags) Purchased we are going to match your purchase and donate a Package to the Teton School District 401 Child Nutrition Program. It comes with #25 of our New Pineapple bags. With the support of Food Service, Child Nutrition Director Kathy Rowbury and our staff at Naughty Fruit we want to offer a healthy local fruit snack alternative as a gift. Our way at Naughty Fruit to give back to our community through our youth. Support local, eat local and buy local. 

Pineapple Dried Fruit Bio-Bags

We're Going Green!

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"I love that there's no added sugar, or powdered sugar like most brands, the chili and lime complement the natural flavor of the fruit really well"

Jacky D.

"These things are frikin' addicting"

Alie O.

"Naughty Fruit is so damn good, best to buy a 6-pack"

Rick N.

Delicious, easily portable, healthy! Naturally sweet with a little something extra for your taste buds' pleasure. Get Naughty; a guilt free snack in guilt free packaging. 

Kate Schade, Kate's Real Food

The only downside to this delicious snack is it gets consumed so quickly! Can't get enough of the pineapple and mango!

Carrie Kirkpatrick