Naughty Fruit

Our family is proudly from the Teton Valley and our products are inspired by our Mexican family heritage KNOW MORE

  • We're Going Green!

    We're Going Green!

    As we scale up operations here at Naughty Fruit we've been carefully analyzing our potential impact to the environment. With that said we're proud to introduce our new line of biodegradable packaging for Pineapple. Pineapple has by far been our most popular line which is why it made sense to first convert this line. With the goal of going 100% biodegradable, we will be slowly releasing new packaging as resources permit. Thank you and we hope you enjoy Naughty Fruit!

  • Reverse Growth Model

    Reverse Growth Model

    Here at Naughty Fruit we're committed to exercising a reverse growth model where we prioritize the economic stability and environmental integrity of our fruit vendors and the communities they impact.